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    Not your Grandma’s blog

  • Evan Henry

    Evan Henry

    Editor-in-Chief, Black Ship Books. I write about pop culture, religious narratives, and the power of words. Sometimes all at once.

  • Ella Fassler

    Ella Fassler

    Writer, Researcher, Sleuth|Armenian American| @thenation @truthout @slate | She/They | Questioning Everything| Tech, Science, Power,

  • Evelyn A. Bardwell

    Evelyn A. Bardwell

    Educator, student of travel, and public scholar who is interested in the kind of interdisciplinary knowledge that exists in every day life.

  • Katelyn Nelson

    Katelyn Nelson

    Katelyn Nelson’s writing interests lean mostly toward pop culture analysis and representation. She tweets @24th_Doctor, mostly about horror.

  • Lilly Egoist

    Lilly Egoist

    I’m Lilly, I’m an egoist and I want to practice writing about things I care about so here I am on this weird site I’m told real people write serious things on.

  • Alexis Catherine Matt

    Alexis Catherine Matt

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